Hi there! I’m Jason and I’ve been working as a compositor and rotopaint artist in the film industry for 8 years.
With comp, paint, tracking, cosmetic and roto experience; I’m ready to take on your visual effects work!

Known software includes Nuke, Silhouette, Mocha, PFTrack and After Effects.

Check out my IMDb and get in touch by emailing me at:

Paint & comp showreel for 2020:

Social media & contact links:

My VFX setup:

Computer: i7, 48gb RAM, M.2 SSD, GeForce 970 GTX
Monitor: 27″ 4k 100% Rec709 – triple monitor setup
Software: Nuke Indie, After Effects, Fusion, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve

Click here to see my old 2015 showreel.